Angel Academy

A place for angel investors to meet, connect, and learn.


The Angel Academy is an initiative of the Keadyn Angel VC team. The purpose of the academy is for angels to meet, connect, and learn.

We  what we do and we do it with a great deal of passion

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Angel Academy
Our team consists of founders, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, a tax advisor, tech experts, team builders, growth hackers, a valuation specialist, and a data analyst. The following topics are our fields of expertise.
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    “I think the Angel Academy is a great plan, something that was really missing in the Dutch startup ecosystem until now. Many starting angel investors are experienced and successful entrepreneurs, but a good entrepreneur is not necessarily a good angel investor. It is not the same thing and you need to learn it. Also, I believe that the Angel Academy is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded investors that take angel investing seriously.”

    Steven van Houwelingen
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