The workshop lasts from 14:00-17:00. We introduce the Angel Academy: we selected three interesting workshops regarding angel investing and we will give a global impression of the full Angel Investor Class. After the workshops, there is time to network and drink with other angel investors. There will also be other capital related events at the venue this day.

The program will start with an introduction, followed by the three below workshops of 45 minutes each.

Team assessment

Eighty percent of startups fail because of poor relationships within the founding team. A poor match between the team and their investor is one of the top ten reasons for a failing startup. That’s why predicting the added value of a potential partnership is vital to the startup’s success. Expect topics like: performance at different stages of a startup lifecycle and during specific projects; predicting and improving team performance, and reasons for possible conflicts. This workshop will be given by Paul Musters.

Dealmaking & term sheets

Angel investors use all kinds of terms sheets when making a pre-seed or seed investment. Dave Dirks was one of the first in the Dutch market to introduce best market principles used in angel investing in the US and the UK. He will guide you from the dealmaking process up to drafting term sheets, both for an equity investment and a convertible loan. He will touch upon which clauses should you definitely include and which you should not, and what are the best practices currently used. This workshop will be given by Dave Dirks.

Business Model Canvas & Metrics

Early-stage VCs tell startups that they “invest from 15k MRR.” The SaaS crowd claims that “an LTV of 3X CAC is a sign that the business model is working.” The press loves to cover the latest DAU or MAU figures of Facebook or Twitter, and people are in awe of the GMV of unicorns like AirBnB. Participants will learn to decipher these acronyms and find out for which business models they are relevant. This workshop will be given by Mark Schiefelbein.